December 30th, 2015, was the magical day of our lives when Ivan and I promised before God and our friends and family to build a family, be one person, and love each other sacrificially for the rest of our lives. The year that followed was the best year of my life, as I discovered how amazing it is to be married to my best friend. We were both full-time graduate students, and I was also a full-time staff member at California baptist University, while Ivan was busy as a piano teacher, tuner, and music staff member at our church.

Almost a year later, on December 3rd, 2016,while I was walking across the street  I was hit by a car that had run a red light. My initial injuries were fractured tibias, femurs, pelvis, and skull, as well as a dissected carotid artery, but shortly after I arrived at the hospital I had two strokes and was put into a medically induced coma until I was strong enough breathe on my own. During that time there were also several surgeries to repair my knees and reduce the risk of a future stroke.

This blog is the sequel to Ivan’s Facebook updates that shared our journey from the beginning of accident until my discharge from the hospital 6 weeks later. We hope you will continue to walk with us as we begin a new life together, discovering what our new “normal” will be as I continue to recover, and most importantly sharing stories of God’s love, provision, and strength in our weakness and dependence on Him.