Yesterday marked the tragic combination of Spring Forward in Daylight Savings Time and my birthday. Besides the joyless task of waking up a whole hour earlier, it was actually a very, very special day. Until now I had thought of 24 as one of those insignificant ages you exist through and gloss over. Until I almost didn’t make it to 24. Now, I’m thankful that the doctors’ initial predictions about my longevity were mistaken, and I think it is a super fantastic age that I am blessed to experience.

And guess what? I got a walker for my birthday!! When I think about birthday wishes from previous years (a violin, a driver’s license, getting into a music conservatory, getting a boyfriend..marrying Ivan) I can assure you that a walker was absolutely 100% NOT on my list, ever. Nevertheless, somehow it definitely did make it on my list for the now-significant age of 24, and like the previous birthday wishes mentioned above, this one also came true! So yes, I actually got a walker for my first “mid-twenties” birthday, and was actually happy about that. While I’m still too weak to leave the apartment unless situated in my old friend the wheel chair, I will now be practicing standing and taking baby steps around the apartment (and looking forward to when this process becomes pain free!). Hello, 24!

7 thoughts on “A Walker For My Birthday

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    No gift greater than the gift of LIFE. I am grateful today for yours, birthday girl.


  2. Grace, I love your writing and Happy 24. You are a woman wise beyond your years. It is so exciting for us to see you standing. I will be praying for your pain as you take your baby steps. I guarantee that you will never take another birthday for granted. Hope to meet you and Ivan in the future.


  3. Hi Grace,

    My 17-year-old daughter just read (and loved) your post, as I do. We also love your hair =), and most important, your wonderful, godly attitude. Thank you for being an example and encouragement to all of us!


  4. Let’s see. 24 Elders. There must be other Biblical 24s. May God give you two abundantly above all you can ask or think.


  5. Sweet Grace,

    Your peaceful heart and positive outlook on life speak beautifully of our Lord’s great love and strength. My husband and I, also in our early twenties, are greiving the loss of our twin girls who went to be with Jesus just this past January (I was 19 weeks pregnant). We chose to name them Hope and Grace, because our hope is in Christ and God’s grace has been our strength during this hard time. He is good, no matter what happens in this life! Praying for you and your family. Thank you for sharing how God is working in your life for His glory.


    1. Thanks for sharing some of your own story, Emily! We are praying for you and your husband too. I cannot imagine walking through a trial like that. May the Lord be with you both!


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