Mom thinks I look like a hobbit now…

So I definitely didn’t imagine I would be writing this today, but… I got a cane! I know I’ve already mentioned that I never pictured myself wanting a walker either, but I think the odds of my wanting a cane were actually even slimmer. Nevertheless, life does certainly change your perspective on things..and now I’m super thankful to God to graduate to a new “accessory to the elderly.” 🙂

Honestly, I still feel a tad wobbly on my new cane compared with the walker, but I am excited for the “sleeker” vibe…and how much less work it is to get in and out of the car when we go to therapy! The overall orthopedic update is that my right leg is healing great, and is basically functioning like a normal leg again. The left leg (my stroke side), is noticeably weaker, and is also unable to straighten completely (imagine trying to walk with your knee slightly bent all the time). The good news is that it is possible to walk with my knee slightly bent, but it is more painful, and in the long run we really need and pray that it will be restored back to its full mobility. We keep asking the doctors and therapists for a prognosis on this, and have gotten an overall consensus that it is possible to be completely healed, but that since it is my stroke side, only time will tell. And in the meantime, I’m sleeping in a leg brace, just to increase the odds. 🙂

In addition to my flashy new cane, I also updated my glasses this week. We waited for about three months after the accident before we got my eyes checked, because vision changes can fluctuate throughout the healing process. As I’ve started to read and blog more, I noticed that I was having trouble focusing for long periods of time, and the eye appointment confirmed that my vision has changed enough to elicit a transition to bifocals at the ripe young age of 24. At the very least,  this was an excellent excuse to pick out some  fun new frames!

12 thoughts on “Rocking a cane…and bifocals!

  1. Grace – This is huge progress in a short time from walker to single point cane. From the world I come from this is just fabulous and I don’t think of this as associated with elders at all. It’s a sign of real improvement you have made that your pt’s think you are ready!! So happy for you for this new step forward. Praying for the tone in that left leg to settle down. Sending so much love,


  2. I’m not sure if you have heard of this, but look into a practioner who is affiliated with the AMIT method in your area. It could really help with walking and therapy progress!


  3. It is so good to see you standing and looking so beautiful in your new frames. I love your sense of humor, Grace. We all are amazed at your progress . Continued prayers for your progress. It was wonderful to see your amazing mom last week.


  4. Grace you are beautiful. Your spirit shines through, and it’s not the glasses, although they are cool! You just keep focusing on your healing from Jesus. God bless you.


    1. You make the cane look good! And posture is nice. I’m with the guys that say you can recover completely. That’s what we’re asking right?


  5. Thank you Grace, for sharing your progress ! Your sweet attitude , wonderful sense of humor and the power of Prayer are a wonderful testimony. You are a blessing to us all- thank you for taking the time to update us. Prayers for you both in the days ahead.


  6. Just rejoicing to see you looking super-cool (the frames ARE great) and sounding confident! I love your sense of humor!
    All my praying friends are asking God to give you a complete recovery in body, mind, and spirit.
    “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


  7. Grace that’s wonderful news. Only the coolest women can pull off walking with a cane so enjoy. We are all so glad that you are bouncing back so well. We were very worried about you at the end of last year and it’s good to hear some good news that you are healing.
    God be praised!


  8. Grace: I want to commend you for your refreshing sense of humor in light of your situation, for your ability to express yourself in a clear and encouraging way, and most important of all, for your expression of trust and faith in the Lord Jesus!!!


  9. Dear Grace, I am thrilled to follow your progress, and grateful to our Lord for His mercy and kindness in answering the many prayers that are being said on your behalf and on behalf of your family. Seeing you stand and now walk with a cane gives me hope that it would not be too much to ask that your musical giftedness to be restored. I patiently await a concert 😉 No Pressure 😉 Blessings & Love, Peggy Londre

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  10. Hope this mays it to you,,not good at some things on computer! So glad that you are now mobile, don’t let the cane bother you, better to be able to get up and GO!!
    Have been following you on facebook and praying for you and all the family.
    Hope one day to see you in Savannah again!! Love you , Estelle


    1. Thanks so much for your sweet message! We were so sad that our trip to visit Savannah during the holidays got canceled, but we hope we will be able to visit y’all when things are more stable! Ivan says hi 🙂


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