Grace: We’re finally here! That’s so hard to believe! Some amazing friends helped us load up all our earthly possessions Sunday afternoon, my Dad flew in Sunday night, and Monday morning found us on the road. My Dad was “truck master”, with  Ivan piloting our little Yaris, plus myself in said Yaris.  It’s probably best to skip over the gory details of the actual drive up (suffice it to say that traveling is much less than ideal with continuing brain issues), but Monday evening found us safely at my parents’ condo, enjoying a delicious “welcome-to-San-Jose” meal. Yesterday was a great relax-and-recover-from-the-move day (at least for me–Ivan unloaded the truck in the morning and had some meetings in the afternoon), and we’re enjoying starting our first normal day in San Jose on this lovely Wednesday. We cannot thank God and all of you enough for the prayers, support, and the service that made this move possible. It’s truly an act of providence and mercy! On a side note, I had thought it was impossible to move in two weeks, but nevertheless Ivan did that pretty much singlehandedly….. while taking me to therapy, and dealing with all of the unpleasant things surrounding a move, plus the unusual unpleasant things that come with attempting a move with my current condition. I’m so beyond proud of him! And again, praise God, who truly was the One that made all things possible!

Ivan: We’re here! So grateful to God for a safe trip to San Jose. We already miss all our friends from SoCal, but are still grateful for everyone’s continued love, prayers, and support, even from far away! And we’re really excited to meet new friends here in SJ, and to be able to personally thank all of you who have been faithfully praying for us! God is gracious and merciful, and we thank Him for ordering our steps day by day. It is such a comfort to know that all I am responsible for–all we are responsible for–is to follow Him, and He will lead us home. Thank You, Lord Jesus! Soli Deo gloria.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning from San Jose!

  1. What a wonderful Lord we have!!! So thankful for your safe arrival and for all who
    helped you make the move.


  2. Welcome to San Jose! We’ve been praying for you all these months and are glad you’ll be part of our family officially now! Praise God for seeing you through the ordeal of a big move and bringing you safely to this next chapter of your lives!


  3. Congratulations, Ivan and Grace! We are so thankful that you’re here safely. We will continue to pray for settling in smoothly and for God to guide the next steps!
    Samantha Elliott


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