Today is exactly 9 months since the accident. Thank you all for walking with us so long! ❤ In honor of making it this far, I wanted to share with you a brief devotional video. Ivan was asked to record this last week so he could share part of our experience – and some of the things we’ve learned – with other Conservatory teachers at Valley Christian. It was an honor for him to get to share in a new capacity, and we were very grateful for that opportunity!

One thought on “In Honor of Nine Months..

  1. Hi Grace and Ivan,

    You may remember Wayne Watson’s Christian song, “For Such a Time as This…”
    Watching Ivan’s devotional that he made for his colleagues made me realize that he wouldn’t likely have been at Valley, starting a new ministry with the staff, students, and parents, without the incident of 9 months ago. In addition to God’s miraculous work in Grace’s body, there has been a miraculous story of faith and devotion. Now even more people are being blessed by your story, and this will shape their thoughts toward their lives and their work with students.

    “For such a time as this
    I’ve been placed upon the earth,
    To hear the voice of God
    And do his will,
    Whatever it is…”

    Thank you both for your faithfulness to God and to each other! You will never know this side of heaven who your story will touch.


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