There’s so much emotion attached to this post that it’s taken me a few days to even try writing it, but here we go. It is my privilege to introduce you all to “One Day”, a song based on our accident experience.

Late last fall, we were blessed to start getting to know the Redman family. You may know Matt Redman as the author of Christian worship songs like “10,000 Reasons”, “Blessed Be Your Name”, and “Heart of Worship”, to name a few. Matt and his wife Beth found out about my accident via Ivan in early January. Throughout the winter and spring, they spent some really sweet time getting to know both of us and our perspective about what we faced every day. As probably the busiest family I know, I was amazed at their consistent kindness, other-orientedness, and willingness to spend time with us on a regular basis.

During that time, Matt was working on recording his next album, Glory Song. At one of the final visits before our move, he showed us a demo version of “One Day” (one of the songs that he would include on the record), and explained that it was based on what they were watching us walk through: the unanswered question “why?”, the lack of justice or closure, and the unknown of how much, when, or if my total healing would take place.

What makes this song even more special to me, though, is two additional qualities: 1) the steadfast reminder of our constant hope of heaven, and that everything will be made new there; and 2) that the song’s final version is constructed in such a way that it speaks to all kinds of pain and brokenness, not just ours.

Glory Song  was released this past Friday, and I hope the track “One Day” will minister to you all as much as it has to us!

Also, for those of you who are interested in learning more about the album, feel free to watch a live interview with Matt and Beth here. They spend some time talking about the writing of “One Day” and the story behind it at about 28:50, then end with a live performance of the song. 🙂

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