Heading home from a church visit…and yay SPRING!

It’s fitting to start a new week with a new update. Y’all are more than due one – especially with all the amazing love and prayers we receive every single week! I wear a big smile as I write this. That smile is because this post is even more positive than the last (kinda) positive update we shared. All those little changes I referenced last time continue multiplying. We’re increasing my medication every two weeks (that’s how long it takes for a dose to kick in), but with each increase comes an increase in ability. This increase in ability might be something as simple as not freaking out every time my Instagram generates an unexpected flashing ad or going for a daytime car ride without an over-anxious driver (yay Mom, Dad, and Ivan!). The doctors request that a family member take me on short outings to test each new dose. My safety level at home is generally stable, so they can only know how much work still needs to be done by pushing the boundaries outside. Honestly, I hate the possibility of having a seizure in public (yes it happens and yes it’s embarrassing).  Nevertheless, if that’s what it takes to keep getting better then I’m sticking with the program. The heightened activity level also reminded us that I do still have the attending symptoms of my traumatic brain injury, so we include those factors in choosing appropriate outings, too.

Here’s a  “week in the life” snapshot, created just for you 🙂

  • High: Going to church is a Sunday morning option again
  • Low: The most recent church visit was unsuccessful, plus I skipped all Easter services to avoid extra crowds and noise
  • High: Mom and I might make a brief coffee run (think mostly to-go orders)
  • Low: My recent attempt at going to a new restaurant lasted only 7 minutes before I had to leave (this was actually TBI related)
  • High: I can watch some TV shows again
  • Low: Ivan throws a pillow in front of my face if there’s a scene with a lot of light; also TV commercials are a giant NO
  • High: I can take brief walks in our quiet neighborhood (daytime only)
  • Low: Stores are pretty much off-limits

Hopefully this gives y’all an accurate picture of our current life. To end with a Chronicles of Narnia quote: “Further up and further in!” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Latest Seizure News + A Week in the Life

  1. I love hearing about the highs, this is fantastic. Lots of little steps add up to a much bigger one over time. Praise God for your continued attitude of thanks and praise for all God does despite the challenges. You are the bravest lady and have the most stalwart husband ever. Love you both, Candace


  2. Dear Grace and Ivan,

    I have heard of a lot of couples throwing pillows at each other while watching TV or a movie, but the depth of love that is behind this gesture in your family makes this so precious! Praise God for the progress, praise God for your tremendous attitudes, and praise God for your faith on this journey together!


  3. So glad to hear the highs. I’m sure the fear of seizures in public would be hard but you are so strong and willing to try anything to get better. Praying for you so that the complete healing of BTI would be a thing of the past. Jesus is teaching you so much through these difficult days. I hope you are thinking of writing a book in the future. Praise the Lord for you wonderful spirit and attitude.


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