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Hi all, long time no see! Time for a quick update and some thoughts. Recently we’ve had a higher number of seizures, which is always difficult to deal with. It’s hard for Grace to go through that, and it’s hard for me to watch her go through that. But she keeps battling, and I’ll keep trying to help her as best as I can.

I once heard that difficult times can either drive people away from God or point them toward Him. For my part (and Grace’s), I have come to rely on God more and more as trials keep coming. A year and a half ago, when the accident happened, I learned very quickly what it felt like to not be “in control.” So many of the things we usually take for granted—abilities, opportunities, time, energy, and other resources—are actually gifts from God which are His to give and take away. In fact, it’s all His to give or take away. We are merely stewards.

I have also realized more and more how transient our life on earth is. Man is but a breath, here today and gone tomorrow; eternity is long. Selfishly, I almost wish that Grace and I could be in Heaven already. But I am reminded that God has a purpose for every person during their earthly journey: namely, to enjoy and glorify Him and help others discover Him for themselves! How amazing is it that that is God’s ultimate desire—He loves us that much!

So we persevere! Grace and I want you all to know that we are always grateful for your love, prayers, and support, and that we pray for you all too, as much as we are able. All of us bear burdens of varying sorts and daily encounter people carrying their own loads. But “Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.” (Psalm 68:19)

P.S.: I want to specifically thank my family, my parents and two brothers, for their support for me and Grace throughout the past year and a half. They have prayed for us unceasingly, and I know I can always turn to them for love and support. Back in December 2016, my dad spent multiple nights in the hospital staying up all night to watch Grace so that I could get some rest. He himself had to pass other nights trying to “sleep” on hospital lobby chairs. My brother Eric drove down to Riverside from Fresno the day right after the accident and encouraged me continually. Mom, Dad, Eric and Joey, thank you, I love you all, God bless you always!

4 thoughts on “Update and Thoughts

  1. This is the place were those of us, with situations that the world simply does not want to face or deal with, finally get to. Cindy and I have dealt with these kind of issues, usually stretching over a couple of decades or more, for our entire adult lives. God does provide, during this life. Sometimes His grace is sufficient for just the short period of time we need to get through the next crisis. Sometimes, He works in the background, to set up sustenance for a lifetime, while our attention is focused on the present. But, after nearly 7 total decades, I can say factually, He does provide.


  2. very well composed and said! Read and I have often marveled how you and whole family have managed to handle such a big burdrn, But God is faithful and has promised that he will Not put more on us than e can bear. You all are a living example of that to all that know and have watched you over the last 1 1/2 year. Love to you all!!! Kathy Y.


  3. I just want to thank you for your testimony through your blog. It is amazing what God can do during the difficult days. We just trust and stay in His word and definitely know that His plan, while it isn’t our plan, will see the completion of His Will. Praying for strength for both of you each and every day. I think it’s hard when young people go through difficult times. It’s hard for parents and family to watch their children during trials but thankfully your family knows the Lord. God is able and God is mighty and gives grace and mercy when we need it.


  4. Prayed for you today just before reading. I get it. Praying for strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.


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