Because this is how everyone wants to start their Monday.

This is actually not a happy post, but I promise to end with a silly Monty Python clip so we all feel better. Hang in there!

Two Sundays ago I ate a Costco salad and got sick. Food poisoning is annoying but pretty low key in the grand scope of life…unless you’re me. An upset tummy led to a low grade fever…which led to a giant seizure spike. Over the course of the week I had 31 seizures. Breaking my previous record for number of seizures in one week felt pretty awful. But wait, there’s more!

This past Sunday I got much worse, at which point my family freaked out and drove me to the Redwood City ER. It’s 30 minutes away, but that’s the only Kaiser center in our area equipped to treat my type of case. I had 15 seizures before I got checked into the ER, and fit in 23 more before I made it to my neuro hospital room that night. In case you’re bad at math (which I totally am!), that’s 38 seizures in one day. Which makes 69 for the whole week. Ouch.

That many seizures makes you look like this. :/

The next morning (Monday) the neurologist decided to run a 24-hour EEG to see if anything had changed in my brain since my last Redwood City stay in December. At this point I was much more stable. Being hooked up to an EEG machine makes me look like this:

“They turned me into a newt!

I had a few seizures Monday, but at least I was already feeling better.

That basically summarizes my Monday. On Tuesday afternoon the neurologist analyzed my EEG Tuesday and didn’t read any changes since my December EEG. That’s actually a praise since we don’t want anything else to be wrong with my brain. But we also know that food poisoning is really, really terrible for me, since it seems to mess with how my body absorbs my regular seizure meds.

PS. I always think I’m done with hospital posts, but then…?

PPS. Sorry Costco! I still ❤ you mostly. Just not your salads.


20 thoughts on ““They turned me into a Newt!”

  1. Grace and Ivan… I’m so sorry you’re still going thru this difficult time…you are both in good spirits, but man… I cried when I read your post…Christene and are still praying for you both, all the docs and nurses to get you back home and safe…God is in Control…he will get you thru this…

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  2. Grace you are amazing, you still have a smile on your face. We claim history over these seizures and ask God to strengthen your little body.
    I know the lord is your strength already that is the only way you still have a smile.
    We prayed for you on fight night and continue to ask God for your healing.
    We love you and miss you both!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  3. Oh Grace! I’m so so sorry. I would like to bring some kittens to snuggle with you. In the meantime I’ll send some videos, and some more prayers! ❤️🙏🏼❤️


  4. Oh Grace…your poise and composure makes me feel ashamed of how I stress about things way less important. I am so proud to know you. What incredible strength, spirit, and will you display. Always with love, Beth

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    1. Much love, Beth! I love watching all the Kadima updates on FB… I just wish I could have made it into LA to hear the quartet before we left. Always remember that my whole violin journey started with you! So thank YOU! ❤


  5. We’re so sorry you have to go through this. Renewed prayers always asking God to free you and Ivan from this trial. Prayers too for your supporting families.

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  6. You are an amazing young lady. Most people could not go through what you have been through and still have that sweet smile. It’s hard to understand why you have to endure so many seizures when you’re trying so hard to get well then something like food poisoning can create all of this. Only God knows. But you are a wonderful example of your life in God’s hands. Prayers continue for you AND Ivan and your family who are there to help. May God heal you of these seizures.

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  7. Grace, I’m so sorry you’re still going through so much! You, Ivan and your families have had way more than your “fare share”! You are so courageous! I’m so very proud of you and continue to hold you up in prayer!

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  8. Hi Grace,
    I’m in possession of a complete set of DVDs comprised of literally every Monty Python episode eve aired. I’d be happy to share if there’s a non-challenging way for you to view them.
    “I’m a lumberjack, and I’m OK!”

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  9. Hi Grace,

    I just want to tuck in one more comment about this post. While I am so saddened by what you endured as a result of food that was supposed to be GOOD for you, I want to point out 4 things:
    1. You are adorable.
    2. You are beautiful.
    3. You have an awesome sense of humor.
    And most of all…
    4. Your faith is a beacon to us!!

    I hope you have been feeling steadily better since then!

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  10. Praying for a miraculous recovery for you! And praising God that your testimony glorifies His name. I’m so sorry for what you are going through. God shines brightly through you.


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