Happy Friday, everyone!


It’s time to introduce a quirky side to the blog: video posting! (Side note, since looking at my face and/or listening to my voice on a video really creeps me out, this is my disclaimer in case it creeps you out, too. 😉 ) Why did I make a video about where I live and write? I think it makes the nitty-gritty of our life way more real than just telling you with words. And I have a way bigger, way more important reason, too. Dive into these videos to find out just what it is!










So here’s that link I was just talking about. I think it’s a fantastic resource to explore the truth about who God is and how to get Him in your life!

4 thoughts on “VIDEO BLOG: Welcome to My World!

  1. You are amazing Grace because of the Lord’s hand on your life. He definitely has a purpose for you and I know with a certainty that He will be with you every step you take. I love your video and seeing what a testimony you are for Him. I pray that your life will touch others to follow Him.


  2. Hi Grace, because I was starting up the school year at Valley Christian, I set this post aside for later. I didn’t mean to set this aside for so long. I just watched it, and it is officially my favorite post of all! I loved to hear your wonderful voice and to see you speak of God‘s faithfulness to you, even in this small space. Actually, I love your apartment, but I do understand how even the most pleasant space can seem to close in when there aren’t other options. I thank God for his grace and faithfulness through those times and through all that is to come. I am so encouraged after just seeing your most recent post with your photo from OUTSIDE! =)


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