Ivan: Hi everyone! This video is a short devotional I recorded for my Valley Christian Schools. In it I share some details about the accident that I don’t think Grace or I have shared before. I hope it encourages you to rest in God’s sovereign power and knowledge!

4 thoughts on “What I didn’t know

  1. Ivan and Grace,

    We can’t even comprehend how it must have felt to NOT know at that time that you were making the U-turn! Your devotional for the teachers was so insightful, because we need to realize how much we DON’T know about what students are going through each day that they show up at school. May we continue to point them to the One who DOES know and who is ready to walk them through what they are experiencing, just as He has continued to shed light and peace on the path that you and Grace are walking on together.
    Thank you for sharing this,


  2. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must have been to have seen the accident of your wife but not know anything until you found out after she was in the hospital. Perhaps the Lord did not want you to know at the time. You have used that as a great example to teach your students about the Lord. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.


  3. Ivan and Grace,
    Thank you for sharing your devotional with us. Your testimony will also be an unknown.
    Unknown of how many lives you have and will touch while sharing it.


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