Thankful for the blogging love! ❀

Hello, blogging family! Thank you for walking with us for almost 22 months now! Wow. You’ve shown us a whole lot of grace! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, Ivan and I thought one way to say “thank you” would be to give YOU a chance to share with us. We’re planning to do a video blog to talk about any questions or thoughts you’d like to share. Any topic is fair game!

If you’d like to join in, feel free to private message me (Grace) on Facebook, or leave a comment on this post below. Can’t wait to “talk” with you!

6 thoughts on “Time to Hear from YOU!

  1. It”s amazing to watch how God leads your life…and how you continue to let Him with humor, hope, gratitude, and GRACE! My question is, would you be able to give private violin lessons at your home? If not, why not? (I’m not interested myself, just wondering!)


  2. Dear Grace and Ivan,
    The light of the Lord shines in your life, home and love for each each. When going through a crisis, I never liked hearing that God is going to use this in your life someday. I’m not going to say that to you. Rather, I would say, Our Lord has certainly brought you a long way in 22 months from death’s doors to the smiling couple I see in your photo.
    I sure would like to learn how to play the piano. My question is the same as the previous question. Would you be interested in teaching a slow learner in your home?


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