Happy Friday! I’m so excited to post the second video in our Q&A series for y’all! A question about teaching music lessons sparked this video…but we decided to share a tad more about music than just that 😉

If any of you have more questions that you’d like to see as part of the series, feel free to comment or message to let us know!

(And yes, questions can be about anything 😉 )


4 thoughts on “Q&A Video 2: Moving to the Music of My Life

  1. I’m still amazed at the deep faith you have in our Lord. You two have a new gift to help others with your knowledge of getting through difficult times by just trusting the Lord. Thank you for your videos. I watched Ivan play the piano as I visited the rehearsals and he was so focused on the director. Grace, I did not know you but now I do and I pray for you.


  2. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your heart so openly with us. You remind us so beautifully how we need to be filled with gratitude for the things God has given us instead of mourning for what we don’t have. You are always in our prayers!


  3. Dear Grace and Ivan,

    While the mourning for music must be melancholy at times, I am so encouraged by your faith that God knows what He is doing to allow this. I wonder if you guys would have entered a ministry (like this blog is) without the accident. Just like before, Grace, when you were uniquely qualified to play and teach the violin, you have both entered an elite circle of believers who have not only experienced tragedy, but are seeking to encourage others through it. Your latest ministry is by far more vital, and we are all encouraged by both of you!


  4. Thank you for answering my question about teaching! It probably seemed like an obvious answer to you, but I did not realize that you would have to demonstrate when you taught. 🙂


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