First cup of cocoa since the accident! 🙂

Happy Saturday, everyone! Yes indeed, that is my first cup of hot chocolate since the accident. Growing up I absorbed it incessantly during the holidays, but alas, my two past Thanksgivings/Christmases have been spent either in and out of the hospital or completely in the hospital. It feels SO good to be kicking off Thanksgiving week like the good ol’ times! 🙂 ❤

I actually have a new brain update to share this weekend, as I’m scheduled to do a final analysis of my traumatic brain injury on Tuesday. My family and I were told that it takes about two years for traumatic brain injuries to heal. Not all brain injuries heal completely, but the two year mark is when doctors decide which parts have healed completely and which might have residual deficits. I’ll be in Redwood City this Tuesday to do a 4-5 hour test with a neuropsychologist. It will take a week or two for them to evaluate the exam, and then we’ll meet back with the doctor to discuss my results.

It might be an odd one, but my request for this test is that my days leading up to it would be as “typical” as possible. Seizures and fatigue cause my mental abilities to fluctuate depending on what happens on a given day (or what’s happened during the past few days) so it would be good to be neither at my best nor at my worst on the testing day. This will give us the most accurate information. Thank you all for your prayers, and we look forward to sharing our results with you when we receive them.

I may not be about to become  millionaire, but I am looking forward to a final answer!

4 thoughts on ““Is That Your Final Answer?”

  1. Hi Grace, I am thankful that you trust God with the little things (hot cocoa), the big things (final analysis of your traumatic brain injury), and everything in between. Martin Rinkart wrote this hymn after pastoring his church through a siege on their city, losing his wife and many, many of his flock :
    “Now thank we all our God,
    With hearts and hands and voices, Who wondrous things has done,
    In whom His world rejoices.
    Who from our mother’s arms
    Has blessed us on our way
    With countless gifts of love
    And still is ours today.”

    You’ve been through a siege of your own, and I praise God that you have the same thankful attitude that Rinkart did. =)


  2. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving coming up for you. You certainly have my prayers for this coming Tuesday and for the Lord to give you what is best for the doctors to determine how your brain is healing. Thank you for sharing your deepest needs with us. May God give you what He wants the doctors to learn to help you in the coming months.


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