Mom is my designated Stanford driver ❤


Hi Everyone! It’s about time for an update on our journey at Stanford. My biggest blessing so far is that I’m being followed by one of the top research scientists for my particular neurological disorder. If anyone can come up with a solution for my seizures, it will be her!

So far, my new doctor has just been collecting data about the way my brain responds to the environment. She seems to think my condition doesn’t match currently available scientific data, but the good news is we’re still early on in the diagnosis process. As for me, I’m just grateful that I finally made it into the Stanford clinic and that God has placed me in the hands of the literally THE best possible doctor.

As you continue to walk with us, we’d love prayer for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as strength for our daily challenges. We’re still dealing with the same frequency and severity of seizures as we were earlier in the year, and while Mom, Dad, and Ivan are doing their best as caregivers, we’d all be grateful for some relief. I always joke that they’re the ones who suffer most from my seizures. While I hate having them, I go to sleep right after they finish and usually sleep for a few hours before I try getting out of bed. In contrast, Mom, Dad, and Ivan have to watch me have the seizure, make sure I’m safe in bed afterwards, watch over me while I’m sleeping, and then help me after I get up. Their job is definitely more difficult than mine!

As always, thanks for your prayers, and we’ll let you know as we have more information. 🙂



10 thoughts on “Inching Forward at Stanford

  1. Praying for you to get answers to your health, for your parents as the care for you and for Ivan as he continues to work and would love for you to be completely well. God knows every thing you are going through and will provide answers. He just hasn’t revealed it to you yet.


  2. Thank you for your bravery and candidacy in sharing your journey: you and your family continue to inspire! Blessings always, Mary Ann


  3. I meant to say that Moms are more than willing to give up their lives for their daughters when their is a need.


  4. Having the best possible doc is not so bad. This has been an ongoing prayer request. Praising God for that one! Now, I’ll pray that she’ll find the answer to your seizures. “Nothing is possible with God.” Will continue to pray one day you’ll walk into church and sit with your family. Have you considered permitted some of us to help mom,dad and Ivan? I would be willing to give them a break.


  5. Our very dear old friends,Marv and Lenore Francine Have been keeping us informed about your journey. We have read your blog, and want you to know how much we have prayed for you and will continue to do that. Thanking the Lord for your testimony of His peace in the midst of this storm. Rom 15:13…a favorite, we’re sure! Margaret and Al Sanders


  6. So grateful for the really great doctor!! That is of God for sure. I pray God will grant her all wisdom and even new knowledge, and show her great and mighty things that you might benefit from a newer form or approach. All my love to you all,


  7. Grace, you do not know me, but I attend Hillside and have been following your journey all along. You are such an inspiration to me and everyone of God’s provision and seeing God amidst trials. Many years ago I found a great research Dr. at Stanford for my Crohn’s Disease and it was such a blessing – it did take time to figure out, but I too am thankful for God’s leading us to Stanford. I too am praying your Dr. will have wisdom to know exactly what your body needs. Also, if there’s anything I can help you and your family with, let me know – I have flexible free time most weeks.
    Glenda Buck


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