SP20 Jaw accident pic
Thanks so much to some young friends for these fabulous cards! 🙂


Hi everyone, thanks so much for your prayers! These past few weeks have been interesting, to say the least, but I am at a point where I hope I can write to you all (somewhat) coherently 🙂 .

My recovery is progressing on schedule. Praise God! I just finished my first round of post-ops, and the results are surprisingly positive. All the doctors I’ve seen have commented on the severity of my jaw fractures–not to mention my concussion, loose teeth, and punctured ear canal–so I am very thankful that the surgery on December 23 went well, and that so far I am hitting all my recovery milestones on time. Also…I can now talk! My jaw is no longer wired shut, so speech is back. But I still can’t chew for another month, so my daily nutrition consists of smoothies, shakes, and blended foods. I may be marginally responsible for any recent increases in Jamba Juice stock.

Thank you so much for all the tangible and intangible expressions of love my family and I have received from all of you! Grace and I are still staying at her parents’ house, and despite the exhaustion of caring for me and helping Grace, we have all been lifted up by your care and generosity. From the prayers, messages, cards, gifts, and food, to the overall encouragement and well-wishes–thank you! Truly the Body of Christ is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Grace and I will continue to keep you all updated as we can. Grace has resumed her online Master’s degree after her Christmas break, and I will start to ease back into my responsibilities as I am able throughout these upcoming weeks. Happy New Year to everyone, and may God be glorified more and more through us as we move forward this year!

8 thoughts on “Speaking of speaking…

  1. Your recovery sounds amazing even though you still have a long way to go. I thought your jaw would be wired shut for a longer period of time. Praising God for your progress. Both of your parents are amazing and selfless as they give of their time to care for both of you. Of course that’s what most parents do when their children need help. Thanking the Lord for the way He is taking care of you. Now we just ask the Lord for a speedy recovery so you can get back to work and to your home. I’m wondering what you hit when you fell to get a concussion, broken jaw, and ear canal rupture? Was it just the floor or something else.


  2. So good to hear from you , Ivan. I love your writing as well. Our family has been praying and asking about you. Blessed are the prayers of others . It brings such appreciation for the body of Christ.
    Pam Wass


  3. Good news, Ivan! Everything sounds positive. Praise God. He is definitely being glorified through yours and Grace’s lives. Praying for an uneventful 2020!!!

    Linda Laidlaw


  4. Praising God for His goodness. It is encouraging to see God working in your lives. I wish you a very Happy New Year with many blessings in store. May God bless you always.


  5. Dear Ivan,

    I am so relieved to hear that your cards were made by children to encourage you. At first glance, I expected them to be your notes to your family thanking them for the yummy food. (The handwriting lapse would’ve been due to pain medication…) Anyway, all kidding aside, we praise God with you for His faithfulness and for your continued healing. We will continue to pray for God‘s healing, and for His guidance in knowing how quickly to return to your responsibilities. Meanwhile, may He keep you in His perfect peace!


  6. Oh what great news Ivan!!!! So blessed that despite the severity God is so faithful to take you through and He who began a good work will complete it I know. I send all my love and continue to pray for both you and Grace,


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