“Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” ~ Proverbs 16:24

I spend a lot of time thinking about words since I’m a writer. I also spend a lot of time thinking about health since I’m disabled. This is one of my favorite proverbs since it links the two so beautifully – and so universally, even if you don’t write or face health issues on a regular basis.

My last post suggested I’d spend my June break sharing stories about our recent family developments, especially since I took a bit of a blogging hiatus during the spring. (This was partly to regain emotional equilibrium after Ivan’s fall, and  partly because it’s challenging to crank out blog posts and grad school assignments.)

But plans change, and our nation entered another crisis this past week. Unlike the health and quarantine topics in my COVID-19 posts, I feel that adding my opinion on current events would create more noise than content – especially given the plethora of words swirling in the media and on the streets. And so I’ll let my favorite proverb speak for me, for the time being. Kind words are the best words to bring health and healing.

3 thoughts on “Kind Words

  1. Proverbs 16:24 is what is needed today as we look to Jesus Christ, the only One who can bring peace and love in our world. Thank you for your sweet thoughts.


  2. The wisdom of this Proverb hits home as so much rhetoric and cruel words can bring anarchy, anger and rebellion to those who feel they are “repressed.” When Jesus spoke to the people, His words brought healing, light and freedom. Any words we use must be weighed and thoughtfully spoken to bring the same effect. I have a saying on my desk that reminds me of speaking truthful words: “Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder, and your hand across my mouth.” The same goes for writing as words can become a lethal weapon when used in anger and hostility. Thanks for your insightful words.


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