We’re the bottom unit!

Happy early Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Ivan and I have always been rather low key around February 14th, not because we’re annoyed by the holiday, but rather because life events have typically made that date rather inconvenient. For example, Ivan had his hearing for his senior recital on our very first Valentine’s Day (any musician can tell you how stressful that is!), school events overlapped with our second, and after that my disabilities quashed the idea of a romantic night out. And thus we adopted the motto that love is something you should celebrate all day, every day – even if some might say we got there a few decades too early! 😉

Well, this year, we actually are doing something for Valentine’s Day. This year we’re closing on a condo. Those of you who’ve been following our housing journey over the past seven months know what a GIANT deal this is for us, especially after the devastating news we received at the beginning of January. My brain injury makes it difficult to write here extensively in the midst of an open-ended situation like a move, but I’ll be back soon with the story of how God provided a new, affordable place in what seemed like an impossible situation. (And a cuter picture!)

In the meantime, thanks as always for your prayers and support. We appreciate you all so much!

10 thoughts on “A Condo for Valentine’s Day

  1. Grace and Ivan! I’m always reading your blog……..such trials and conquests. Having your own home is the best and congrats for making this happen! Keep up the journey you guys are doing great❤️

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  2. I’m excited that the Lord met your every need. He has provided a lovely condo for your first home that you might honor the Lord in all activities there. The verse from Phil. 4: 19 comes to mind. “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Praise the Lord for such a wonderful fulfillment of that promise.

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  3. I”m so thankful you have a new home. God has been so good even in the midst of trials. I’ll be praying for you as you make the move and adjust to your new home environment. I know you will be glad to be get settled.


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