Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well as we near the end of October. This post will be brief, but I wanted to share that Grace has been struggling with new health challenges related to her traumatic brain injury (TBI). As she’s mentioned in previous posts, Grace’s doctors finally found a medication that controls her seizures enough for her to go outside without sunglasses, watch some movies, and enjoy some other “normal” activities, although she does still have a few seizures every month.

In the past weeks, complications with Grace’s TBI have brought me and Grace’s family into a new stage of caregiving. We are still working with doctors to find a medication solution for these new complications. Grace is not ready to write again just yet, but when she can she’ll provide some additional details regarding these new developments.

In the meantime, she asked me to post this devotional that I shared with my colleagues as part of a devotional series at the VCS Conservatory a few weeks ago; I hope it will encourage you. Thanks for continuing to walk with us through hills and valleys!

4 thoughts on “Hills and Valleys

  1. Hi Ivan and Grace,

    Thanks for the vital reminder that we are never beyond God’s capacity. Thank you also for the amazing cover of such a favorite song. He truly is God of the hills and valleys, and we are not alone! Praying for you!


  2. Our prayers continue for you and Grace in these difficult times. God never leaves us and is always aware of our circumstances. Even though times are difficult to understand we know you can still trust in His amazing love.


  3. Hello Ivan and Grace

    Thank you for your steadfastness in the faith.

    I am aware of very few living people who have been under such great challenges that has been your’s to overcome in their daily life.

    Your continued trust in our GOD, thanks to JESUS,
    is a high standard. And that goes for the entire Crosby clan!

    Thank you for sharing your faith!

    I pray there be a rich infusion of GOD’S Loving Spirit of Joy and Contentment in your hearts and lives!



  4. Ivan and Grace – thank you for sharing your hearts and lives with us. We may only know you just a bit or we may know you well depending on who is reading this post but one thing is very real and very sure: God makes us all family through His adopting us as His sons and daughters and because we are family we care deeply about you and we lift you up to our Heavenly Father as you walk through this long valley. Please take comfort in knowing that God is using your lives and testimony to bless, inspire and motivate us to all to live each day in an attitude of humility and gratitude…May God bless you with peace, healing, joy in Christ and hope.


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