Hello, Blogging Family. No one could have imagined the suffering and hardship the people of Ukraine have endured over the past two weeks. Their indomitable spirit in the face of such imposing odds is truly inspiring, and we can pray that God will enable them to be victorious against their Russian adversaries.

In addition to praying for the Ukrainian military, refugees, and displaced families, I’d like to draw your attention to two specific families and their ministry in Kyiv.

Bruce and Aimee and Greg and Hue Chon are missionaries that serve a church and seminary in that city. They were given the opportunity to return to America when Russia invaded Ukraine, but they chose to stay with their church instead. While that choice seemed risky at the time, it grows more dangerous with each passing day. I’d love to give more specifics about their families and ministry, but can’t do so at this time for security reasons.

Please join me in praying for protection for these families, for their church, and for their seminary students. Please also pray that God would fill them with peace and enable them to shine as lights of hope in a city filled with darkness and fear.

We can take comfort in the knowledge that all of us serve a God who defends the innocent and the oppressed:

“But I know the Lord will help those they persecute;
    he will give justice to the poor.” ~Psalm 140:12

3 thoughts on “Pray for Ukraine: Those Who Chose To Stay

  1. Amen!!
    Only God can comfort, protect and guide these precious people choosing to serve Him in this way.
    We pray in Jesus holy name!! Amen


  2. We are praying for the people of Ukraine, for safety, peace and comfort in the loss of their homes and every thing that is familiar. It is so sad to see the children having to walk in the cold and snow. Also for the older people who have difficulty walking, trying to escape. We all can see the tragic news and horrible pictures on TV. May God intervene is some way to stop this fighting from Putin. Protect your people O God and provide food and warmth.


  3. My prayers ascend to our Loving Abba Father to protect His dear children in Ukraine. The hostile invasion of this country is inexcusable and I am praying for a miraculous intervention that will bring aid and deliverance for these brave people and their military help.


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