Welcome, everyone!  We can’t express how much all of your love, prayers, encouragement and support have blessed us as we continue learning to walk and thrive in a path we never saw coming.

Grace: Waking up from the coma in the hospital and learning about the accident and what had happened to me was a process that is a story in itself, but somewhere in that time my family told me that Ivan had been using Facebook to share our journey and ask for prayer. By the time I was well enough to read the updates, I was amazed to realize that there were hundreds of comments, and that Ivan’s updates were being shared by churches and people around the world.

The amount of love we have been showered with by all of you during this journey has both humbled and encouraged us more than we can describe, and we created this blog as a way to thank you for your support, and to invite you to keep walking with us as we continue to journey through my recovery, and as we begin to discover what the new “normal” is that God has planned for us. We hope you will keep walking with us in this journey, and we are thankful for the grace of God that makes it possible for all of us to keep walking in our relationships with Him.

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