Back before I was transferred to Casa Colina for three weeks of therapy, a G tube (feeding tube) was placed in my stomach because I was not able to pass swallow tests to be considered safe to eat on my own…By God’s grace, I did pass a swallow test and was approved to eat on my first day in the rehab hospital! (I was dying just for the feeling of food and water in my mouth) For the record, this was four days after the G tube was placed, and I was still recovering from the surgery.

And so the G Tube saga began:

Pretty shortly after I started rehab, I began having significant pain at the stomach site, and my doctors and nurses discovered that the surgeon had implanted a pediatric-sized tube!?   (This seemed ridiculous to me and everyone else since I’m 23)….and once I started  eating real food and gaining back some of the weight I had lost, the small tube began cutting into my belly on the outside. And now the sad part of the story: Stomach tubes must be left in the stomach for 5-6 weeks until it is safe to remove them 😦 😦 😦

So, during the past five weeks I can easily say that most of my recovery pain was due not to my accident injuries but to the G tube….in fact it was so painful that at one point even morphine didn’t work! The site also developed an infection and at least four pressure sores, and Ivan had to be trained on wound care before I could be discharged home. (For the record, he’s my favorite nurse!!)

This week we finished my antibiotics, but the infection was still there, and the pressure sores were getting worse. Today, we realized it was exactly five weeks since the tube had been implanted, and Ivan and my mom started making calls to see if the surgeon could take it out….

Only to be referred into an endlessly circular phone tree, which finally ended with:

‘If you think it’s still infected, you should just take her to the ER.”

“Can they take the tube out?”

“They can, but they probably won’t since she should see her surgeon for that.”

“Well, then find us someone who can take it out today!” (It is the day before the weekend, and we were worried it would keep getting worse.)

At which point they gave me an appointment with my original surgeon….which was all we had wanted in the first place……(as someone who majored in health administration, this was both frustrating and embarrassing to watch, just saying.)

So the short story is, the tube is out, and though the tummy is a little sore, I am in less pain than I’ve been in during the past five weeks. God is very good!

And a huge thank you to Ivan and my  mom, who have cared for me and advocated for me through this experience!

6 thoughts on “The G Tube is out!!!

  1. Grace – it is so great to hear from you on this blog and that you are doing so much better…..please give my love to Ivan! I feel badly that we don’t know each other…..Ivan was so good with my students!


  2. Hi Grace! I’m a friend of your mom’s from high school and have followed your progress on Facebook since day one. Praise the Lord you got that tube out! It is so amazing to see how God has worked in this whole situation. I’m so sorry you and Ivan (and the rest of your families) have had to go through it, but you both have proven faithful witnesses to His goodness and grace in your lives. I shared several of Ivan’s updates with friends who were encouraged by the maturity and wisdom in his words. You have been given a platform to make His name famous. Keep fighting the good fight! I will continue to pray for miraculous healing. To God be the glory!!


  3. Praise the Lord that the tube is out!!!! We rejoice with you and will continue to pray for you as you recover daily!❤️😊🙏🏾


  4. Dear Grace – I am so thankful to the Lord for each and every improvement that is happening. Horrified to hear they put in wrong size tube and you suffered unnecessarily but so thankful it is out. You and Ivan are in my mind and heart and prayers daily. I am overjoyed to see you doing this blog and working with your phone and computer. These are such great things. When the time is right I want to visit and in meantime my prayers for you continue. God brings you to my mind many times a day to pray. Much love,
    Candace Vickers


  5. Hi, Grace,
    You don’t know me. I am a member of The Bonner Singers. Through Ashley Hofer, we all learned of your terrible accident. Like others, I recruited praying people to lift you up. I found this website hoping to fill 168 consecutive hours with intercession for you and Ivan.
    We did not get there, but by sharing the invitation with everyone I know, you are remembered each day by hundreds of friends, their churches and families, along with countless other strangers like me.
    I hope to hear you play the violin one day soon!
    ~ Rick D’Amico


    1. Thank you so much for all your support, Rick! That is so touching and humbling that you would work so hard on our behalf, without even knowing us! I totally believe that all those prayers are strengthening us and helping us move forward every day! Thank you so very very much!I would love to be ale to meet you if I am able to see GBS again 🙂

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