CHS Poster
This poster was made by some fabulous students at Centennial High School!! Thanks, guys! πŸ™‚

We’ve reached four months since the date of the accident…thank You Lord for bringing us this far! Life has been very busy and hectic lately, but it’s good to pause, look back, and reflect on how good, gracious, and merciful God has been to us throughout this life-changing time.

Many people ask me how Grace is doing…thank you all for asking! πŸ™‚ Physically, Grace is progressing well. It seems like the wheelchair is [almost] a distant memory now, since Grace has even left her walker now and is able to walk with the assistance of her cane. She is still a long way from being able to walk “normally,” since her strength and balance definitely still have room to improve, but we are so grateful for the degree of mobility that she has already been able to attain.

Unfortunately, the state of Grace’s brain still prevents her from being able to be in public places, like church, or grocery stores, or restaurants, because of the overstimulation that occurs in these situations. Too much information, such as interacting with multiple people at once, facing open-ended decisions, or even just too much background/room noise, can trigger mild to severe panic attacks, in which Grace’s ability to speak or even think can temporarily shut down. Doctors say that recovery from TBI can take months, or years…but we’ll keep trusting God to lead us one step at a time!

Thank you to everyone who faithfully prays for us, encourages us, supports us! We love and appreciate you all more than we can say. Grace and I also pray that as we walk through this time of our lives, that God will use our story to encourage others who are going through hard times as well…God’s love and grace and peace and joy will forever be more than enough to redeem and heal any and all of the hurts of this broken world. To Him be the glory forever!

4 thoughts on “Four Months!!

  1. Ivan I so am blessed by your sharing. As semester winds down I hope to visit. He who began a good work will conplete it. I am standing with you.


  2. Just to let you know I pray for you daily and am so encouraged by your beautiful, God-honoring attitude as you travel this difficult path. Whenever I think of my own journey and begin to feel sorry for myself, your testimony provides a positive dose of God’s grace that puts things in proper perspective.


  3. Thanks, Ivan! We’re celebrating with you two! I appreciate your explanation of Grace’s response to various sources of over-stimulation. We’ll be praying for improvement in this area during the coming months as Grace regains her strength, endurance, and balance.


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