Ivan and Pam, one of my original therapists, helping me out during a session.


This week was special because on Tuesday I graduated to a new therapy class! Yay! God is so good 🙂 I was somewhat reticent to share my original out-patient therapy level because it sounded a little depressing…but having gone through it I can now attest that there was nothing depressing in the actual doing of it.

For the past 2.5 months, I’ve been in an amputee therapy class. Yes, a therapy class for people who have lost at least one leg. Why? Because I wasn’t “advanced” enough for stroke (aka “neuro”) therapy. When I was told about my placement back in January, the then-23-year-old side of me had a mini-rebellion. What did they mean “you’re not advanced enough for regular neuro therapy”?? Wasn’t the average stroke patient old anyway?? I mean, how could my 23-year-old body be so behind elderly people?? Wow.

At first, I protested that I wasn’t going to the amputee class, but Mom and Ivan insisted I give it a try. Looking back, I think that’s an example of why God places us in families: to keep you from making silly decisions when your pride starts getting out of hand. So, at their urging I did go to the class (although there may or may not have been some protesting along the way)…and after a couple of visits I discovered I wanted to be there. First of all, everyone was learning to stand and walk, so it did actually make sense why I was there. Secondly, learning how to walk again is way harder if you’re missing a leg, so it gave me some perspective about how blessed I am to still have all my limbs. And thirdly, all the therapists and people there were super nice, so it really started to feel like a mini- family.

Fast-forwarding to this week: when I officially got promoted to neuro therapy, I was actually a little…sad! I’ve grown to love the amputee group and wish I could spend my entire therapy journey with the people I met there. But on the positive side, I’m super excited for the next 3 months of neuro therapy, and all the chances it will hopefully bring to get closer to a “normal” life again. Onward and upward!

4 thoughts on “Therapy Upgrade!

  1. I am thrilled to hear this. And interested in the details that you share so openly – well you maybe didn’t want to share it at first – but eventually 😉 It makes me smile how God works in our lives, even the humbling parts. Blessings and I know there will be continued progress because that’s what He does. Yay God!!!


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