This was at our wedding in 2015, but I still love how pretty she looks here!


This week was a big milestone for us because my mom drove back up to San Jose to rejoin my dad this past Thursday. I am so beyond happy for them! ❤ I know I’ve said this on the blog before, but I really cannot imagine what it would be like to live apart from Ivan for almost 5 months. My parents love each other very much, so it’s not like it was somehow easier for them to be separated than it would be for us or anyone else, but this was a sacrifice God laid it on both their hearts to make…and I can honestly say that I have no idea how Ivan and I would have survived this season without my mom living with us. Somehow, she took care of all the household chores, fed us, drove me to therapy and doctor’s appointments, and spent an incredible amount of time helping me and caring for me when I was too weak to do  even something as simple as brushing my hair.  She helped me practice therapy at home, thought of fun activities to make our “days off” exciting..and has also been a great advocate and supporter as I’ve begun trying to integrate more social and mental activities into my days again.

It made me very sad to see her go, but I know this is another milestone on Ivan’s and my journey, and a giant blessing for my parents as they are reunited and begin living and ministering as a team again.

So where does this leave Ivan and me? Ivan’s family will be here next week to help out until he graduates on May 6th, and then after that he will have more time at home since his own school is over and the high school he currently works part-time at will be finishing for the summer too. We are hoping and praying that God will provide full-time employment for Ivan in the coming couple of months…and when that happens we will figure out what my next phase of care and recovery will look like with Ivan gone more again. But for now, we are celebrating the tremendous gift my mom and dad have given us, and God’s tremendous blessing in providing the needed circumstances to reunite them again!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mommie!

  1. This is definitely a huge milestone and I am so happy for all of you! You all continue to display how God makes everything beautiful in His time and causes good for those who love Him like you all do. I am so grateful for your blog. I miss you Grace. I had another bout with illness but I hope I can set up a visit this next several weeks at a time you and Ivan feel is good. Much love in Christ,


  2. Very sweet post and wonderful tribute to your mom, Grace. We continue to pray for you and Ivan as God opens door for your future. He is faithful. Looking forward to seeing your mom an Ana here.


  3. Grace, what a tribute to how hard you have worked! With your mom and Ivan at your side, you have accomplished so much. Part of the joy of the story is that God also provided for your dad throughout this time. God gave him wisdom and strength to carry on in the new ministry with fruitful results. Thank you so much for sharing your mom and dad with us at Hillside, and we will keep praying for you and Ivan as you follow God’s lead together! Go, team Grace!!

    Samantha Elliott


  4. Beautiful words about a beautiful mom! God has definitely carried you all through this and has already established your next steps. Continuing to pray with hope and expectancy !!
    Pam Belgum


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