I’ve looked at this frame a lot recently!

Hi everyone! I sure am happy to be talking about some seizure progress…finally! We do need to back up a teeny bit, though. Two weeks ago we had another in-person follow up with my neurologist. This was in the thick of our extreme “37 seizures in two weeks” period. We drove to Redwood City yet again, praying that he’d have some sort of instant solution for us. It unnerved us to find him confused by my extreme seizure episodes, too. The unsatisfactory appointment ended with yet another medication increase – and an ultimatum. He needed to see measurable progress within the next 7 days; if that didn’t happen he thought it unlikely that medicine would help me. (For  a reference point, I usually get at least 2 weeks after a medication change before he evaluates my progress).

No one wants to leave the hospital with the words “In thirty years of practice I’ve never seen anyone as confusing as you” still ringing in their ears. Yikes.

That day confronted Ivan and me with a level of inadequateness as we faced my giant need.  I’ve experienced a lot of terrible things, but I think a confused doctor unsettles me far more than the worst physical pain. It’s human nature to need to know everything will be okay. Ivan and I had tried, my family had tried – the doctor I trusted was trying, too – but we still had no “okay” guarantee. God was literally the only One who could make things right. Correction – God is always the One who makes things right, but He typically uses an obvious human vessel, and often a clear sense of direction. In the absence of both of those, blind trust and waiting were the only options. Did I mention I hate waiting?

At least this time the wait was fruitful.  After a couple of days we noticed my seizures were adjusting – just what we’d been praying for! True, the changes were small at first, but we weren’t picky. Those small changes started adding up. By the time they checked the medicine level in my blood last Friday, we had more progress to report to the doctor than I had even thought to pray for. The numbers from the blood test confirmed my personal experience.

So what now? My medication level isn’t perfect yet, and I am definitely still having seizures. But now they follow a more normal seizure pattern, and don’t come in extremely high numbers. I’m much happier. It sounds like my doctor is, too. Although the pathway to reintegrating into the outside world is long and conservative, a conservative pathway is loads better than no pathway at all. Thank you for your prayers, and stay tuned! 🙂

PS…The photo at the top was a goodbye present from my physical therapist in Riverside. It was definitely true for broken bones, but I think it works for brains too!


7 thoughts on “Ready for some good news?

  1. Oh Grace what marvelous encouraging news! CCOT choir prayed for you over the last week. I praise God for this positive development and progress and will continue to lift you up. Much love to you and Ivan.


  2. Wonderful news Grace and Ivan! We continue to pray that God will confound all medical wisdom with miraculous dealings for you. So wonderful that you continue to look for joy in the midst of trial. You are an inspiration to all of us! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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  3. So exciting to know that there is some progress with the seizures. I’m still amazed at your sweet attitude and depth of your faith and trust in the only true God who walks with you hour by hour, even minute by minute. Thank you for showing others how faith in God can enable you to do amazing things. Prayers continue for you and Ivan.


  4. Hi Grace,

    Praise God for your wonderful news! To be so close to that ultimatum’s deadline, and then see measurable progress, must have given you and Ivan such joy! I will keep praying that the medicine gets adjusted to its best level for you, and that you continue to respond well to it. Today, I was having a discussion with my fourth-grade class at Valley (the same school where Ivan teaches, but at the elementary campus). We were talking about how God allows trials in our lives for many reasons, one of which is the comfort and understanding we receive that we can then pass on to others. You and Ivan are living proof that 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 is God’s good plan (maybe not our first choice, but His wisdom). Thank you for your faithfulness in telling how God is comforting you, because it is such an encouragement to all of us!


    1. Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for the verse 🙂 I hope God helps you classroom understand and learn as much from it as we are! I know they’re blessed to have such a spiritually committed teacher! 😊


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