Ivan will be walking with us, too!

Hello, everyone! It feels amazing to be back on the blog again…I definitely missed y’all over the summer, but my brain also definitely needed a breather while we were at Stanford. 🙂

Now that we’re reunited, I’d like to lead us down a bit of a different path. Ivan and I started this blog in early 2017 believing it would be a short-term continuation of his initial Facebook updates. (For those of you who joined us later in our journey, Ivan began posting Facebook updates on my condition within the first day or so after the accident.) Your amazing support and enthusiasm transformed a short-term experiment into a long-term staple of my recovery and…here we are today! I still can’t believe we’re approaching our third “accidentiversary.”

Every recovery is different, and mine seems to have ended with seizures and long-term migraines. I’ve seen literally the best neurologists around (praise God!), and am grateful for all they’ve done for me. Remember how y’all were praying that I wouldn’t have seizures where I almost stop breathing? Well, God used Stanford to answer that prayer and I don’t have seizures like that anymore. Why I ended the summer with another bizarre brain scenario (2 and 3 week long migraines), I will never comprehend, but at least I was seeing highly trained neuroscientists when it developed! Does it feel unfair to be limited by severe neurological conditions after all this time? Absolutely. But numberless other people around the globe are also limited by “unfair” health problems. And my very good God knows why.

My very good God has also given me a blog with a fantastic readership that has walked with me for over 2 1/2 years! My neurological conditions are so complex that I will probably always have occasional complications or developments, so Ivan and I will continue sharing updates as needed. But for the most part, I want to write less as a patient than as a recovered twenty-six year-old. I’d like to invite you to continue walking with me as I take on this new writer-ship to explore the humor and the challenges God sends my way as I inhabit a world that wasn’t exactly custom made just for me.

So, with this new angle in mind: How did I thrive while being trapped inside a 700 square foot apartment for the past 7 months? How am I thriving now? And yes, I used the word “thrive.” Stay tuned! 🙂



6 thoughts on “A New Way to Walk

  1. Enjoy your determination to live as normal of life that you possibly can is so refreshing to read yours and Ivan’s blog!! Keep we on your list!


  2. Glad to see you back! Your posts as well as Ivan’s are always so encouraging and we are privileged to walk with you as you continue to walk this road that God has entrusted you with. We were sad to hear that you have been suffering with migraines, but grateful that we knew that you would continue to find comfort and grace in Christ’s sustaining love. Praying for you.


  3. I will always be interested in your blog any way you want to write. Your life is a testimony to God’s faithfulness to walk with you through your difficulties. No one desires to go through trials but you don’t know how many lives you have touched through your faith. I will continue my prayers for you.


  4. Grace and Ivan, we are privileged to walk and pray with you as you continue to convey how your very good God is guiding you along this new path. We are very thankful for your amazing brain that loves, learns, and allows you to write in such an authentic, inspiring, and Sprit-led way. May God bless this new chapter in your lives!


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