Hello, blogging family.   Today I’m writing a post I never thought I’d write. Today I’m writing to ask for prayer because Ivan had an accident of his own.

Ivan picked up a stomach bug over the weekend and fainted around 2 am Sunday morning, fracturing two bones in his jaw and puncturing his right ear drum. Dad rushed him to the ER around 2:15 am, and he was discharged later that morning to rest at home and follow up with an ENT specialist today. It appears Ivan will need surgery to reset the fractures in his jaw, but we aren’t yet sure to what extent or who will perform the procedure. These are the major points we hope to cover in his appointment. He is being incredibly brave, and it makes me incredibly sad to watch the man who has stood by me through thick and thin go through something even I can’t imagine.

For now, we greatly appreciate your prayers! I will keep you posted as we learn more, and will also share a longer post with his full accident story after things quiet down.

Also, a giant THANK YOU to my family who have moved us to their condo and are helping care for Ivan (read “doing all the tough jobs”) until he’s more stable. We’d be lost without them!

Sometimes it’s harder to write this than others, but I know God is good and this is still part of His good plan for us.

18 thoughts on “Ivan’s Accident

  1. Oh Grace, I can’t believe this and am so glad you shared so I can pray. I am praying now for the Lord to move in a mighty way for Ivan. His injuries are bad ones, I am grateful they were not at another level beyond. Praise God for your family standing with you both and please know how much you are both loved. I pray for God to overshadow you both with His mercy and protection every moment. Much love in Christ, Candace


  2. Oh sweethearts! You have been through so much! Ivan, I have been through jaw surgery. You will do just fine. Its come a long way. I have a great list of food you can drink. Instant mashed potatoes with cream and thin gravy will taste like heaven. Spaghetti sauce with parmesan. Smoothies get boring. Go to walmart. In the candy section and Flavors. To add to shakes. You will be great in no time. Praying for you all.


  3. So sorry and sad to read this but we KNOW without a doubt the Lord is with you and will provide all that you need. Praising Him for the amazing gift of your family. We will be praying and lifting you up now as always.
    David and Pam B


  4. Omg Grace you guys are def going thru so much. Please give him my love and prayers. I’m always following you too. Missed you at GBS I do remember when you were there with us! Love and hugs to you both.


  5. Ivan’s conservatory colleague, Sandy, alerted us to pray this morning at staff devotions. We are praying that Ivan’s healing is swift, and that God gives strength for the whole family. We are trusting Him alongside you!


  6. Dear Grace and Ivan – You precious ones of the Lord! My heart goes out to you and your family as you weather yet another challenge. I know the Lord, with our prayers, will give you the needed strength and peace to go through this. We can’t understand His ways and yet we trust Him in everything! We look forward to hearing “the rest of the story” when you are able to write again Grace! I’m praying for Ivan’s upcoming surgery and recovery – for full healing and for the Lord’s provision of your every need for all of you;
    Teri, Keith, Anna and you both, Grace and Ivan. Sent with continued prayers and love, Betty Watson


  7. We will be praying for Ivan and the whole family! You guys have been through so much. Praying for healing, peace, and blessings!


  8. Oh Grace and Ivan I pray for your protection all the time. God must have a big plan for you too. You’ve certainly learned to persevere through trials and allow your faith to grow stronger. Keep hanging in there. God is watching over you two. Blessings and Merry Christmas. Linda Laidlaw


  9. Oh my. This is so hard to believe. I know you must not understand when we can’t understand. I only know the Lord will be with you and what a story you could tell when you are both healed in God’s timing. Praying for Ivan and you.


  10. I’m sorry I am just now getting a chance to write. This is so hard to understand that something like this could happen to you when you two have been through so much already. I only want to say that my prayers are with you every day as you go through so much. We can be so thankful for parents who give up everything to take care of their children, regardless of age. Our prayers are for them as well. “Lord, please be merciful to these your children who have been through so much already. Give healing and quick recovery and meet all their needs. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


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