We probably drank way too much boba this summer…

It’s hard to believe tomorrow will be the first day of Fall! This summer has certainly been a season of “various and sundry trials,” to quote the book of James. The NorCal fires swept through San Jose in August, and many of us are facing other challenges, from racial tension to COVID-19 uncertainty, regardless of where we live. But whatever we’re facing, we can be sure our trials are not accidental. God never gives us more difficulties than He gives us the strength to overcome, and they’re hand-designed to help us look more like Him. So with that in mind, I’d like to take a moment and share some updates as we head into a new season.

For those of you who’ve been following our housing situation, Ivan and I are  still living with my parents. Our new condo was originally set to be completed in November, but some of the crew contracted COVID-19 and the updated completion date has been pushed back to March. This is wildly different from what we envisioned when we purchased the unit in July (and when my parents agreed to let us crash in their spare bedroom for “a couple of months”), but we’re grateful Mom and Dad are graciously accommodating the delay, and we trust that God’s timing is perfect. Also, all three kitties have finally negotiated a satisfactory truce after 3+ weeks of squabbling.

On a more exciting note, I’m beginning the second year of my MFA in creative writing. I remember beginning online classes for my BA in English back in May 2018 (in spite of medical concerns that school would be too tiring), so it’s pretty crazy to think that I’ve already made it through my first year of grad school. I still have 3.5 more years to go since the MFA is the writer’s equivalent of a doctorate (it’s 90 units long), but one year still feels like a significant milestone. And speaking of doctorates, Ivan is beginning the third year of his EdD. He doesn’t have a hard “end date” since he had to take a short break after his accident, but we’re hopeful that he can finish somewhat on time. (It’s about a 3 year degree). I’m very grateful for everything God is enabling him to accomplish in spite of taking care of me, overcoming his own setback, and working full time! 

This summer also brought several health milestones. July marked two years from my last in-patient hospitalization and one year from my last ER trip, which I think we can agree are GIANT positives. August also marked one year since I finished my time at Stanford’s neuroscience center. I spent twenty-four weeks at that clinic since it’s one of the top research centers for my type of brain conditions, but unfortunately my treatment ended without identifying a definitive solution. This was extremely disappointing at the time, but God has used the past year to reinforce that I can build a good life with the blessings He has given me (family, school, online church, etc.), even if I don’t participate in all the activities we’d  consider “normal” for most twenty-seven-year-olds. 

As always, thank you for your love and support and for sticking with the blog! We’re all facing difficult times and I hope we can encourage each other to stay strong and keep trusting God: 

“You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our savior.” ~ Psalm 65:5

7 thoughts on “Falling Forward

  1. You are such a beautiful young lady with so much determination and strong faith in our Lord. You have amazing parents but this is what parents do when they have children. They help regardless of the need. I’m so sorry your condo won’t be finished on time but just be patient. God will help you in the “waiting” period. You two have accomplished so much with your education during this time. Regardless of how long it takes to complete your degrees you can rejoice when that time comes. May the Lord continue to guide and direct in every need that comes your way.

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  2. I am amazed that God has taken you so far in the past year to become active and able to keep up with studies for your graduate degree. It is a testament to the prayers of your parents and others who sustained and encouraged you throughout your trials. I’m sure your husband has found many milestones to record as well. Due to God’s love and mercy, we all can praise the Lord for His goodness in whatever happens to us.

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  3. I hope that you are writing your journey since your accident. It is a powerful story and will be an inspiration to others who go through difficulties and trials.


    1. Thanks so much! MFA students at my school are required to write a publishable manuscript in order to graduate. If my topic gets approved, then I’ll draft a book about our story over the next couple of years. We’ll see what the Lord does!


  4. I can’t wait to read your “memoir” and know it will be an inspiration to many readers. I wish I had taken courses in creative writing in my college days. I love writing and words. You obviously have a great heritage of writers in your family and praying you continue to progress in your advanced degree.


  5. I will definitely be interested in your story even though I have followed your blog on here since the beginning. So happy to hear this. You are a great writer.


  6. So blessed reading this update!! And your faith and way of looking at these trials and gratefulness to God keep me encouraged as well. Miss and love you.

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