Throwback to our beach day in December 🙂

Hello friends, I wanted to give a brief update about Grace’s status. Back in February, a resident in our condo complex complained about a “maintenance issue” that the previous owners had left unresolved. The resident also became aware of Grace’s disabilities, and began harassing her daily while I was at work. This behavior continued even though the “maintenance issue” was being addressed; Grace was so distressed and intimidated that she couldn’t adequately communicate to me the severity of the situation. Unfortunately, this meant that it lasted over a month before we addressed it decisively.

Although the resident has stopped their harmful behavior, their actions imprinted on Grace’s brain to the point that Grace is unable to function at her normal baseline. Grace’s TBI symptoms are still highly aggravated, and she’s undergoing professional treatment to help her return to daily life without being in a constant state of “fight or flight.” She misses you all, and looks forward to writing here again as soon as she feels better. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

20 thoughts on “TBI Update

  1. It’s hard to imagine someone doing that to Grace and I’m so sorry. She doesn’t need that. Praying she can get back to her normal self. Thank you for this update so we will know how to pray.

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  2. This certainly seems senseless and without purpose, but we know you are trusting the God of all wisdom! He is the same faithful healer and provider who has brought Grace to such an amazing baseline so far. We will continue to pray that you and Grace clearly see His hand. They meant it for evil. . . but God meant it for good.

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  3. Okay -that makes me feel a little bit angry (okay, maybe a lot). We will pray for her to overcome this added difficulty and have her spirits lifted so she can function better than before. So sorry – some people are jerks!

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  4. Grace and Ivan, you are loved and admired by all of us. Bad people must not stop you from thriving. May God steady your life and carry you to a successful recovery. I pray for you often.

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  5. It’s unfortunate that people can be unkind when they know of another’s weakness. I pray that Grace will recover and find peace in her heart and continue improving as you support her in practical ways. May the Lord put His hedge of protection around Grace and grant her security as she realizes how special she is to Jesus.

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  6. Oh Ivan and I horrified to hear this!!! So very sorry and will begin praying right away for Grace. Please give her all my love in the Lord,

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  7. Ivan, thank you for letting us know: While I am very saddened to hear of it, glad to hear this has been addressed. Hoping you, Grace and your families feel the warmth of all the support here & voluminous prayers now and always.

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  8. Thank you for the update. I pray daily for all of you. Trusting God to bring Grace to where she was and even better days ahead. You two are an amazing couple! ❤️

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  9. I am continually praying for you both. I am so sorry that Grace had to endure that kind of treatment. I love you guys. Please stay encouraged!

    -Richard B.

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    1. Ivan & Grace, We are praying for you. Thank you for letting us know the specifics so we can pray more effectively. So sad to hear the circumstances you both are going through.
      Wendy M & Linda Z

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