Me and my piano teacher after my one and only piano competition in high school. 🙂

Hello, Blogging Family! I’ve missed y’all very much over the past few weeks. Although I’m still in therapy for the TBI issues Ivan mentioned in his last post, I’m glad to be writing again. I’m also excited to share what I’ve been doing in the meantime.

Many of you know that my sister studied piano seriously throughout high school, including a couple of years at Colburn when she and my parents moved to California.

Few (if any) of you know that I also studied piano in high school. My career was not noteworthy whatsoever, but between preparing for my own lessons and sitting through Anna’s, I left for college with a respectable knowledge of the instrument. 

Fast forward to this past March: After we brought home Ivan’s Wurlitzer, I wondered if I could relearn piano even though I haven’t succeeded with relearning violin after my accident. Without getting too technical, piano and violin are distinct because pianists can see both hands, while violinists can’t see either hand in a meaningful way. I can somewhat control my left hand if I’m looking at it, so…

“Humoresque” by Rodion Schedrin

After a bit of trial and error, I’ve learned a children’s piece called a “Humoresque.” These pieces are supposed to sound like little jokes, which I thought would be appropriate for my amateur re-debut. It’s far from perfect since I’m still learning to control two hands simultaneously, but I’m grateful God’s brought music back into my life, and I’m excited to keep developing. 

P.S. A huge thank you to Mom for lending her piano for this video!

15 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Music

  1. BRAVA! A standing ovation would be an understatement. Might I also comment that your piece is from memory?! Gracefully and beautifully played, and I know that there is much joy in your heart that comes out through every note. Solo Dei Gloria!


  2. Hi Grace,

    Instead of “little jokes,” I would call that piece “big smiles!” I especially loved your own smile at the end. What a joy to hear you make music! That piece was difficult, and it hardly counts to be able to “see both hands” because they’re so far apart, but you played it wonderfully. This is truly a gift from God, and may you enjoy the piano as a study break, spirit lifter, form of musical expression, and especially a time of worship. =)


  3. Oh Grace! This makes my heart soar with JOY!!!! So good to hear you play music again!!! What an amazing triumph!!! Keep playing and keep sharing your amazing gifts!!! – All of them! Love and miss you and Ivan so much! ❤️🙏🏻

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  4. I do not have the words to express witnessing you playing the piano. Praise
    God and thank you for sharing this with us. You are inspirational and inspiring to say the least. May the Lord continue to work in you and through you as you continue to amaze. Thank you Grace.

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  5. Hi Grace!
    You look wonderful and your music is fantastic! God is answering my prayers for you! I imagine that using the left hand to play will create new brain pathways, and I am so excited for you! 🙂
    Judy Marc

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  6. I had a piano that I bought from a school teacher who refurbished it during his summer break. It was so wonderful to sit down and play it. I had high hopes my two sons would be interested in lessons, but it never stuck as sports and school interfered. After I moved to my townhouse, I kept in under the stairs hoping to play, but so absorbed in full-time work, the piano sat in its lonely spot. I finally sold it as I realized I needed space. I’ve regretted it to this day but cherish the memories of having a musical instrument. I hope you too enjoy the time to escape into music as inspiration and an escape from pressures of life.

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