Grace doing her 45-Hour Review on Friday

Hello blogging friends, I’m pleased to announce some great news: but first, some context (drumroll please…)

Grace is a creative artist. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, and early adulthood up to the accident, Grace developed and shared her artistry through her violin. Losing the ability to use her left hand, and thus play the violin, has been a tremendous loss for Grace, perhaps even more so than some of her post-accident health challenges.

But her inner creativity, not to mention sharp intellect and relentless determination, has not only survived, but thrived: starting in 2019, Grace has been pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). This degree is 90-credit hours long, which is longer than many doctorate degrees. The 45-Hour Review is an important milestone marking halfway completion, after which a student is cleared to complete their thesis course. During the review, faculty evaluate a portfolio of a student’s best work created during the first half of the degree.

Well, Grace had her review on Friday, and…she passed! With flying colors. Actually, with a perfect score. Yes, I am definitely bragging about my wife right now. I am so proud of you, Grace!!! To God be the glory.

Friends, Grace works so hard every day in so many ways, not least in refining her craft as a writer. Watching her persist in the face of immense challenges inspires me to be better each day; Grace is an incredible role model for me in this way.

Between now and May, Grace will be putting the finishing touches on her thesis, which Lord willing will be a book detailing the events surrounding her accident. God allows bad things to happen for a reason, and Grace and I hope this book will be a blessing for many, by showing how God is bigger than anything we may face in this life.

Thank you as always for your support; in a literal way, your support on this blog helps fuel Grace’s passion as a writer! We couldn’t do this without you. SDG.

14 thoughts on “Practically Perfect

  1. Dear Grace and Ivan,

    All those who have been touched by your story would agree that it should be told widely, and that you definitely have the gifting from God to be able to tell it well! Thank you for taking the trials and allowing them to be turned around to triumphs in His capable hands! Congratulations on this momentous milestone. We are praying for God’s continued strength and protection for both of you.

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  2. Ivan, you do well expressing yourself with writing also!

    GOD continue to bless you both.

    Thank you for all the uplifting expressions.

    brother in CHRIST JESUS
    Joe L T Jr
    Hallelujah !!!

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  3. Congratulations on your accomplishments on your creative writing. So thankful that you have been able to do so well with writing and sudying. What a gift the Lord gave you. Keep up the great work that God has given you. Prayers continue for you and Ivan. Looking forward to that book that you will write one day.

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  4. This is so wonderful for you both. Your hard work and determination has shown your talent and strength to us all. God bless you as as you move forward with your dream.

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