This sign was given to me by a friend during the middle of my hospital days  (I was still not super conscious at that time) . As I became more alert , my eyes kept wandering to the sign, and its message began to impact me much more than I expected. I literally stared at the words  every single day…and most days probably many times a day. There was so much facing me (big things and little things) that I did not feel brave about at all…But the sign helped me realize that I actually  could (through God’s help) choose to be brave, no matter how scared I felt.

The word “Today”  was what struck me most. Super high  pain levels, needles, multiple medical procedures when I was awake, infection, being separated from Ivan at night, and learning a long list of what my body couldn’t do seemed overwhelming…but I realized I could make it through all that for one day.  Two days, or five, or a month…that was way too daunting to even think about being brave for…but God helped me trust Him and hang on for one day. And  after that? I woke up, and prayed, and made it another day. I’m not a brave person (I think my family could tell you that I’m a pretty accomplished worrier!) but God is teaching me to walk with Him one day at a time, and I’m learning that’s all I need to do. As much as I wish He’d go ahead and make me brave for at least the next week, He only gives me courage for today so that I have to keep going back to Him.

That sign helped me get through the initial  hospital days (which I can easily say were the hardest days of my life so far), and it still helps me every day at home as I’m faced with pain (I would have loved to let the hospital keep that one!), endless doctor and therapy appointments, and still needing help for most daily activities. But God is way smarter than I am, and I’m glad He’s taking this experience to help me learn to be brave, one day at a time.


9 thoughts on “Learning to To Be Brave…

  1. Dear Grace,
    I am one of the many people at Hillside who have been praying for you. I hope to meet you one day! I have been so encouraged by your family’s faith. Hearing your dad’s faith in his sermons, reading Ivan’s faith through the PrayerNet, and now getting to read your faith in your blog posts…all of these have been such an example of Christ at work. I am so very glad to hear that you have your mom and Anna with you, too. My husband almost lost his aunt to a traumatic brain injury, but “being brave TODAY” made so much difference. Those family members who keep you going are so precious, and you are precious to them. That’s the body of Christ, and you are all bringing Him glory! I will keep praying, and looking forward to hearing from you next time. You have a unique ministry to all of us!


  2. So blessed by you, Grace! Every time you write to all of us, we reach out to God and, in so doing, we reach out to you! We can love you and serve you through prayer because we know God’s Spirit intercedes for us, comes alongside, cares for us, and comforts and strengthens you as we lift you up! He’s so good, and like a good father, He loves it when we run to Him and lean into Him!
    “I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it and bring it to completion till the day of Christ Jesus.”
    Much love, ~ Rick D’Amico


  3. I came upon your blog this morning and my heart is overwhelmed by your story. Although we do not know one another, we share the love, and hope we have with our Lord, Jesus Christ You are in my prayers.


  4. Hi Grace,
    I am also a person from Hillside who has been praying for you. But the reason why may be hard to explain I feel a connection with you since I had a head injury when I was a child where I had a bleeder of the brain that was inoperable but God saved my life and all these years I have wandered why was my life spared but others lost. But anyway what I wanted to tell you is, you are “Amazing Grace” and for you not to forget that as you are going through your weakest of times. Remember God saved you for a reason what that is you aren’t to know but to do His work whatever that may be. I wanted to get you a bracelet so you would remember that but unfortunately I haven’t yet. Another thing on the 23rd of Dec I was on my way to work and I prayed for a Christmas miracle for you to be OK.💖


  5. Grace, He is the vine and we are the branches. Just because the branch is bruised doesn’t mean it’s not attached. Just that the miracles that are constantly flowing into you from Him you are more aware of than we are humbles us. By His power and strength only, you teach us how to better live. You are bearing so much fruit in the lives of so many of us. Every day in every minute your courage challenges us. We all need you and love you, our sister.


  6. Sorry, Guys! That link didn’t take you to the right spot. This one links to a video called “Your Body on Music” which examines the power of music and it’s effects on the brain.
    It’s really amazing!


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